A Business is Only As Successful as People Who Work for It

Protect your business’ best interest by protecting people in your company. Avoid loss of profit in case of disability or death of a key person or a partner with Keyman Insurance and business loan protection.

Secure Financial Future of your Business

As a business, you protect assets like buildings, equipment, and vehicles, but the most important asset – PEOPLE is overlooked very often. One of the key challenges faced by small or medium-sized businesses is the death or illness key employee or a partner.

Hence, business protection strategy has become an inevitable part of business sustainability. Losing a key person or partner does not only affect business profit and market reputation but also the ability of a business to clear out business liabilities.

The issues won’t stop there, recruiting and training to replace a key person also adds to the cost and requires time. Keyman insurance policy ensures business continuity in case of such a loss.

Ensure success and stability of your business by insuring for the unexpected

Bespoke Business Protection Plans Meeting Your Industry & Business

Asfar can help you to choose the right keyman life insurance and business loan protection plan to compensate for lost profits, cover recruitment costs, payout loans and help you carry the business as usual.

In UAE Keyman insurance is taken by companies to protect personnel including owners, partners and directors of an organisation, CXOs, and Key employees dealing with financial organisations. In addition to keyman insurance, companies in countries including the UAE and Saudi Arabia are also bound to provide group medical insurance to employees.

Asfar can advise you on Group insurance plans, identify suitable providers and negotiate cost-effective cover on your behalf.


Keyman Insurance

Ensure business continuity in the event of loss of an important member

Business Loan Protection

Choose Business Loan protection plans to repay a loan and suppliers

Group Medical Insurance

Choose from best Group Medical Insurance plans providing healthcare benefits to your employees in the UAE

Group Pension Scheme

Make sure your employees are financially secure in retirement with the right group pension plan for your business

Financial Planning Essentials

The proactive optimisation of your financial savings, assets, insurance and investments means deep learning and analysing opportunities to eliminate mistakes that can be a hurdle to your steady growth.
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    The first time we meet, we will understand your goals and why do you want to achieve them
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    Next step is to collect as much data as possible which may involve your assets and liabilities to vacation spending
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    Carrying out a full analysis of your financial situation to find the best possible solutions for you
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    A comprehensive plan specifically tailored to match your goals is provided outlining your finances
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    It’s time to roll, the plan is followed by actions to optimise your financial life
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    Financial planning is an ongoing process of management, constant review and monitoring of your portfolio to suggest opportunities

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