Save for your child’s education now to give them the future they dream

You are planning to set aside money for your child’s future, and want a long-term roadmap. Saving for children’s education plays a major part in long-term savings plans of UAE residents, perhaps every parent in the world. There are many options and you will need the guidance to choose the right one for your child.

Choose the Right Education Savings

There are several options when choosing your child’s education savings plan. With the high cost of international school education and then college, expenses can become overwhelming if you do not plan. Hence, the earlier you start saving for your child’s education, the better.

If you are an expat then challenges are bigger, and you might need professional help in planning to save for your child’s education. There are age-based options for higher education, fixed savings, as well as educational cover offered by insurance companies and banks. Moreover, National Bonds in UAE also offers a monthly saving plan in bonds for education.

Get help from a savings advisor who can plan your child’s education from KG to college according to your financial profile.

Every child has dreams. Have you saved enough to gift them confidence to realise it?

Best Education Savings Plans for Your Child’s Future

A huge majority of expats in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman and other countries in the region support children’s education with their day-to-day expenses. Asfar can help you plan your finances with a clear view of the child’s future in mind and create manageable cash-flow to support your child’s education from Kindergarten to college.

Your money is invested sensibly in best education saving plans across the board to provide best returns over a period of time. Let Asfar help you to decrypt complexities of planning for your child’s future in the changing environment

Hear What Existing Clients are Saying


Thanks for the help in choosing an excellent education savings plan

I have been saving for my family since 2013, and following a regular savings plan from the start with Asfar’s guidance. And yes, it has been a great journey. I am very happy with Asfar’s services that have has helped my savings to accumulate, and slightly proud of my self-discipline too. Also, thanks to his advice in choosing an excellent education savings plan. Asfar is very knowledgeable and always available when you need him. I continue to prosper under his guidance.


Fouad Ashraf

Director Sales

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The proactive optimisation of your financial savings, assets, insurance and investments means deep learning and analysing opportunities to eliminate mistakes that can be a hurdle to your steady growth.
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    Next step is to collect as much data as possible which may involve your assets and liabilities to vacation spending
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    A comprehensive plan specifically tailored to match your goals is provided outlining your finances
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