Gift your family a legacy to carry forward in the form of a happy and prosperous future

Legacy Planning is not just about distributing your wealth among your loved ones through estate planning or setting up of trust. It is also important to prepare your family on their inheritance to ensure wealth management across generations.

A Strong Foundation for Preserving Your Wealth

Legacy Planning is about fulfilling your wishes for your family and transitioning your wealth to your loved ones as you intend to. Holistic Family Legacy Planning lays foundation for long-term wealth preservation , and combines tax planning, financial planning, estate planning, and business succession planning.

The transition requires to take into account key components, including various family assets, estate planning documents and trusts, and long-term business succession plan, as well as effective communication with families and beneficiaries.

It is also important to understand local regulations, laws and customs that can affect your Legacy Planning.

Your legacy is not what you do for yourself, but what you build for the next generation.

Do More Than Wealth Distribution

Asfar takes a client-focused approach in helping you build a successful wealth transfer or business succession plan, and provides your beneficiaries with the guidance and tools to take your legacy further.

With expertise and the know-how of the regional and local legal framework in the UAE, he can facilitate setting up of family trusts, prepare living wills and last will & testaments.

Let Asfar help you plan through for legacy investments and succession planning for a family business to provide a future you want for your family.


Estate planning

Be the guardian of your wealth in death by making a plan in advance to distribute assets among your children or descendants

Living Wills

Get assistance in making a living will to put your wishes on paper

Last Will and Testament

A Last Will and Testament enables you to control what happens to your estate after you

Family Trusts

Register a family fund in Dubai for efficient management of the family property and its transfer to descendants

Business Succession Planning

Ensure long-term survival of business you have worked on to build from scratch with Succession Planning

Financial Planning Essentials

The proactive optimisation of your financial savings, assets, insurance and investments means deep learning and analysing opportunities to eliminate mistakes that can be a hurdle to your steady growth.
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    The first time we meet, we will understand your goals and why do you want to achieve them
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    Next step is to collect as much data as possible which may involve your assets and liabilities to vacation spending
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    Carrying out a full analysis of your financial situation to find the best possible solutions for you
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    A comprehensive plan specifically tailored to match your goals is provided outlining your finances
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    It’s time to roll, the plan is followed by actions to optimise your financial life
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    Financial planning is an ongoing process of management, constant review and monitoring of your portfolio to suggest opportunities

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